Complete Laptop Buying Guide For Newbies

Laptop Buying Guide For Newbies:- Who does not want a good laptop, actually everyone wants to buy a superb laptop. Do you know what qualities good laptop posses? If you don’t know, then you came to the right place. Here we will understand that what a good laptop should have. We will focus on all aspects, and if you are a newbie then this article will be very beneficial for you.

Ten important things to check before buying a laptop

  1. Processor
  2. RAM
  3. Storage
  4. Graphics Card
  5. Battery Capacity
  6. Build Quality
  7. Generation
  8. Screen type
  9. Different Ports
  10. Future Prospects

Laptop Buying Guide For Newbies


Well before buying a laptop, you must check its processor because everything depends on the processor. Mainly if you are going to buy a budget laptop, $500-$600 US dollar then you can get Intel i3 or Intel i5, depending on the other specifications. If your budget is much lower then you should go for AMD processor OR Intel Pentium quad-core processors. To know more check out our separate article on processors.

2. RAM:-

Everyone knows RAM (Random Access Memory). It is a memory which stores data temporarily with the beginning of the program and removes data when the program is closed. In laptops, there must be enough RAM to do multitasking smoothly generally nowadays laptop comes with DDR3L or DDR4 RAM. DDR4 comes in latest generation chipsets and DDR3L comes in little older or cheap laptops.

3. Storage:-

It is the most important part of a computer, generally, the speed of a laptop computer also depend on storage. The hard disk drive is a primary storage device in a computer, it comes in 5400rpm and 7200rpm. An HDD with 5400rpm will be cheaper and slower whereas 7200rpm HDD will be much faster. Nowadays a new type of storage is also growing rapidly which is SSD (Solid State Drive) it is upto 100 times faster than a regular HDD. To know more check out our separate article on SSD’s.

4. Graphics Card:-

If you are a game lover, or a graphic designer, or a video editor then you must have a decent graphics card. For good gaming experience you should go for Nvidia graphics cards, currently, AMD does not have good graphics cards on budget laptops.

5. Battery Capacity:-

You must check carefully before buying, about the battery capacity of the laptop. A good laptop battery will have more no. of cell in it. Like 4 cell 2800mAh Li-ion battery will last long for 5 hours in basic uses and 3hours in heavy uses.

6. Build Quality:-

A laptop with good built quality will last long for years whereas laptop with poor build quality will start losing its material. Check that the material used in the laptop is of good quality or not.

7. Generation:-

the latest generation of the laptop will have all technological advancement and performance boost over the hardware. A newer generation laptop will also have advantages over battery life.

8. Screen Type:-

A laptop with a good display matters a lot. Generally, 1080p anti-glare display with 60Hz is ideal for every type of work. A good screen will protect your eyes from blue light and give protection to eyes after several hours of uses.

9. Different Ports:-

Before buying a laptop always check connecting ports available on the laptop. Main ports a laptop should have USB 3.0 port, HDMI port, VGA port, LAN port, and most important USB Type-C port.

10. Future Prospects:-

Always check laptop in all terms especially in model and type means you should always buy the latest generation laptop. If you buy the latest model laptop it will not be obsolete for years so check carefully manufacturing date in the packaging box.

If you will go through all these things mentioned above and buy accordingly than you will get a good laptop which will run for many years without any problem.

Secondary important things before buying a laptop


Laptop Buying Guide Newbies

Laptop Buying Guide Newbies 2018

  1. Company:- Check for the company and always go for known top companies because the there product will be better.
  2. Warranty:- Check for the warranty given by the company such as 1year, 2year etc.
  3. Service Center:- Check for the service center near you.

Laptop Buying Guide Newbies 2018

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