Top 10 Ways to Fix WMI Provider Host High CPU Usage Win 10 (Solved)

Top 10 Ways to Fix WMI Provider Host High CPU Usage Win 10:- Before explaining how to fix WMI Provider Host high CPU usage, let’s first explain what this issue is about. If the WMI Provider Host takes up large amounts of CPU (such as 30%+ usage) then it could cause certain applications to crash, and you could experience a black screen or windows crash.

What is WMI provider host?

The WMI Provider Host (WmiPrvSE.exe) is short for Windows Management Instrumentation Provider Service. It acts as a host that ensures that all the Windows management services operate as they should.

However, this type of crash is not always due to high CPU usage – there are other causes. If the issue is related specifically to WMI Provider Host high CPU usage, then the following are 10 solutions to the problem.

They may also help resolve the “err_connection_reset error” which is relatively common with Google Chrome.

We begin with some simple things you can try first. If these don’t work then you will have to go on to the rest. Simple fixes for high CPU usage sometimes work perfectly – but you will often have to go one or two steps farther to fix your problem.

Top 10 Ways to Fix WMI Provider Host High CPU Usage Win 10

1. Reboot your System

Easiest Step! Works for the only minor case, you can cure a whole host of computer ills by simply switching it off, waiting 10 minutes, and then switching back on again. It can also work for WMI Provider Host issues, so try that first.

2. Scan for Malware & Viruses

Malware & Viruses are common causes of high CPU usage issues and other side effects that would be expected of any of the problems normally associated with WMI Provider Host high CPU usage in Windows 10 Creators Update.

Run a virus scan and try to remove any that are detected. If you do not have a commercial anti-virus application installed then run Windows Defender which comes inbuilt with the Windows 10 OS.

3. Fix High CPU Usage Issues in Windows 10 by Editing the Registry

It may be possible to fix WMI provider host issues by editing the registry on your computer/laptop. Here’s how to do that:

i) Press the Windows key + R.

ii) Type in ‘Regedit‘ into the Run box.

iii) Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management in the editor.

iv)Look to right-hand window and find ClearPageFilkeAtShutDown. This will likely be set at 0: 0x00000000 (0).

Edit Registry Option

v) Change the value to 1: 0x00000001 (1).

vi) Restart your computer.

vii) This may resolve the problem. If not, continue with the following list until the WMI Provider Host issue has been resolved.

4. Reimage Plus For WMI Provider Host High CPU Fix

Reimage Plus can fix several computer issues, such as the blue screen of death, freezes, crashes, and virus damage. Download Now, and once downloaded simply click on it to install. It is very easy to use. It can check for viruses and any damage they may have caused, and also replace damaged or missing files that are needed by Windows 10.


Reimage has the ability to fix computer problems related to blue screens, crashes and freezes, DLL files, remove virus damage, and more by replacing missing, corrupt, and damaged files.

Once you have installed it, it will begin to scan your PC or laptop and identify and fix any issues related to the WMI Provider Host that it finds. The scan is free, but the corrections are not. This may correct your problem, but if not then there are other things you can do.

5. Restart WMI Provider Host on Windows 10 Creators Update

Some who have experienced the Windows 10 WmiPrvSE.exe high disk usage issue on the Creators Update have found that restarting the WMI Provider Host Service can fix it. To do that,

i) Press the Windows icon on your keyboard or taskbar along with the letter R (so press Win + R).

ii) Typing services.msc into the search box and then hit Enter.


iii) Scroll down the Service items to select Windows Management Instrumentation and then click Restart.

Windows Management Instrumentation

iv) After clicking Restart reboot your device and find out whether or not the issue has been resolved. If not, then restart some other WMI Provider Host-related services. Here’s what to do:

v) Go back to the Run command (Win key + R) then type in cmd.exe, this takes you to the DOS command prompt. If given the option. Select Run as Administrator.

cmd Command

Type the following into the Command Prompt window with a new line for each, and then press your ‘Enter’ key.

i) net stop iphlpsvc

ii) net stop wscsvc

iii) net stop Winmgmt

iv) net start Winmgmt

v) net start wscsvc

vi) net start iphlpsvc

vii) It should look like this:


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