Smartphone Buying Guide: 13 Tips How to Choose a Smartphone 2019

Smartphone Buying Guide 11 Tips How to Choose a Smartphone:- Who doesn’t want the latest smartphone? But do you know that the latest is always not the best, sometimes a little older is also a good choice. People always ask me to help me choose a smartphone.

With excellent new flagships from Apple, Google, Oneplus, Xiaomi, Motorola, HTC, Sony, Vivo, Oppo, and Samsung all competing for your attention. There are dozens of high-quality smartphones for those on who have a limited budget, but choosing the right smartphone could be a problem for a few people. It’s more likely to be a challenging task. But I am here to help you with a detailed explanation on what to look in a smartphone before buying it.

This Smartphone Buying Guide is made in a manner which covers everything you need to know before buying a Smartphone, it includes information related to the operating system, screen size, builds quality, camera, processor, brand, GPU, RAM, ROM, Battery, Reviews and Rating, and price. Use this advice and analyze to make sure you get the best Mobile phone for your present needs and budget.

13 Tips How to Choose a Smartphone

  1. Processor
  2. GPU
  3. RAM
  4. ROM
  5. Camera
  6. Battery
  7. Screen Quality
  8. Software /Operating System
  9. Brand
  10. Features
  11. Build Quality
  12. Review & Ratings
  13. Price

11 Tips How to Choose a Smartphone:- There are very important things to consider before buying a smartphone as there are many companies which are selling low-quality smartphone and showing that their smartphone is the best through advertisements, promotions, and marketing. For everything, Smartphone Buying Guide is here to help you out.

1) Processor

You should always know about the Processor before purchasing a smartphone, generally, people do not look for the processor for their smartphone they simply buy the smartphone simply by its looks. Be aware of that and never do such a mistake. The processor is the sole factor responsible for everything on the mobile phone. Choose it according to your needs.

A processor is the most important part of a phone on which everything depends, it is said to be as CPU or brain of a phone. It decides the overall functioning of the phone and how fast will it work. It is fully responsible for the speed and performance of the phone without a good processor the phone will never work good and will hang most of the time while using.

If your smartphone will have a good processor than your browsing experience would be superior you could take pictures in seconds as well as your apps and games will load a lot quicker. So always check for processor before buying a smartphone. (Smartphone Buying Guide)

Note: In 2019 most of the smartphones comes with good processors from MediaTek, Qualcomm, Huawei, etc except some small Chinese companies. 

2) GPU

Smartphone buying guide

If you like playing games on the smartphone then your phone must be GPU centric. The smartphones have the GPU built-in in their processor, so you must check the processor for GPU too. As many processors are made for battery saving so they are not capable of playing games at higher fps due to which game lags a lot.

GPU is said to be a Graphical Processing Unit. It is very important for you if you are a game lover. GPU decides how well your smartphone will handle games. So a gamer should choose a processor according to GPU because generally, they are interconnected to each other in phones a higher quality processor will have higher quality GPU, which can run all the graphics intensive task smoothly and easily in your phones.

Currently, Qualcomm’s Adreno has the best and most powerful GPU’s especially its Adreno 6XX series.

3) RAM

It said to be as Random Access Memory. It temporarily stores the information and shows us the result. More and faster the RAM faster the phone will work and multiple application can be run simultaneously. RAM gives the phone a plus point in terms of speed and multiple task handling.

People mostly think that more RAM means more performance but in reality, is not so. A phone with a RAM of just 3GB will work as good as a phone with 6GB RAM.  According to Smartphone buying guide, RAM of the phone never matters how much fast the phone will work. It is smartphones processor which will decide how fast your phone will work. Generally, the work of the RAM is to store the memory for a short period of time, up to when you open an app on your phone. After closing the app the RAM automatically frees.

Keep in note that Flagship smartphone (Apple iPhone etc.) have RAM with high megahertz which makes them more faster in terms of loading and opening huge apps and games. (Example 2466MHz RAM will be faster than a 2166MHz RAM etc.) (Smartphone Buying Guide)

4) ROM

ROM is said to be as Read Only Memory. It generally used to store content in the phone’s memory. In other words, it is also said as Internal Memory. According to Smartphone Buying Guide, More the ROM higher the data a user can save on its device. So everything depends on ROM when it comes to storing data.

These days companies are offering phones with two models, higher models, and lower models. The higher model’s have the larger storage (ROM) and extra RAM whereas Lower models will have less storage with little less RAM. This strategy of smartphone manufacturer is working excellent these days. But the price difference between these smartphones is huge even $50 more for just storage and RAM. Again I am telling you that never e fooled so easily. Check for the extension slot on the phone so that you could increase memory with micro sd card. So you could increase the storage as much as you want according to your need. (Smartphone Buying Guide)

5) Camera

Smartphone buying guide

Today trend has been changing people are buying the phone according to the camera. But never confuse in the Mega-pixel of the camera as it never signifies that the Quality will be good. Nowadays companies showcasing that their phones, having a 48mp camera but it never matters. Aperture, image stabilization, focus, lens type, and most important Camera sensor matters a lot when buying a smartphone.

The higher megapixel camera is only beneficial for taking detailed pictures means you could capture a large number of details with a single click. And companies selling phones with 6 camera’s are also a marketing strategy again its Camera’s sensor + Software capability which enhances the quality of the images, not multiple camera’s or higher megapixel.

6) Battery

One of the most important things to keep in mind is the battery of the smartphone. The battery is also said as the lifeline of a phone. A smartphone is fully dependent on its battery, as if a smartphone has more battery it will work more hours and if a mobile has less battery then it will work for lesser hours.

Generally, phones come with two types of battery that is Li-ion and Li-polymer. Among both the battery the Li-polymer battery is the best as it gives larger battery life almost 30% more and even it long last for years. The only good thing which I found that Li-ion batteries are a little cheaper about 15%than the Li-polymer battery.

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