Power Bank Buying Guide | 12 things to consider before buying a power bank

Power Bank Buying Guide:- These are some of the most important things to keep in mind before purchasing a power bank for a smartphone. Today there are hundreds of power bank in the market and it is quite confusing to select the right power bank. So here I have presented the power bank buying guide which will help you in selecting the best power bank for you.

12 things to consider before buying a power bank

  1. The capacity of the power bank
  2. Quality
  3. Portability
  4. Ports and LED’s
  5. Brand
  6. Cable
  7. Output
  8. Customer support
  9. Compatibility
  10. Accessories
  11. Frame and casing
  12. Battery type

Power Bank Buying Guide

1) The capacity of the power bank:

The first and foremost thing to consider before buying a power bank is its capacity. The power bank should always have a decent amount of capacity like a power bank with 10000 mAh battery or more is considered the best. Suppose if you brought a power bank with 5000 mAh capacity, you will only able to charge your phone fully single time as today mostly phone have a battery bigger than 3000 mAh. So buying power with less capacity is a bad choice.

2) Quality:

Always check the quality of the power bank before buying it. If the quality is not good then it will not run for a long period of time. And it will be a waste of your money. If we talk about today many Chinese companies sell the cheap quality product which works only for a short period of time then the product starts showing different problems. (Power Bank Buying Guide)

3) Portability:

Remember that a portable product is always a good choice. Check the weight of the power bank before buying it if the weight of the product will be heavier than it will be tough for you to carry it to different places. These days many companies selling heavier power bank, if you are a traveler and travel a lot then you should go for light power bank. If weight does not bother you then you can get many good power banks at the heavier weight.

4) Ports and LED’s:

It is one of the most important things to consider before buying a power bank. Check carefully the charging slots in the power bank. The power bank should have the minimum of 2 ports for charging. And it should also have a few working LEDs which indicate the charging, low battery, full battery etc. You can also check for the type of the port according to your phone whether it is Type-A, Type-B, or Type-C. (Power Bank Buying Guide)

5) Brand:

Always keep in mind a product of a good and trusted band will always give you long lasting product satisfaction. Before buying a power bank always consider going for the top brand of the product. If you buy a product from an unknown brand then it could become a huge problem for you as it could affect you in after sale service.

6) Cable:

The cable of power bank should be long enough to charge your smartphone. Some companies provide very short cables which make difficult for us to charge and use the smartphone simultaneously. So check for the cable as well if they are long enough or not. (Power Bank Buying Guide)

7) Output:

The output of the power bank is also a key factor to remember. Always choose a power bank according to your smartphone output otherwise you will face difficulty in charging the smartphone. If your phone support Qualcomm’s quick charge then you should go for a power bank which supports fast charging. Also check for the output according to your smartphone or device that is 5v, 9v, 15v, 18v etc.

8) Customer support:

It is always good to go with the company which provides good customer support to its customers. If you face problems while charging you could easily contact the customer support center who can sort out your problem. If the company is not providing customer support then you should not buy from that company, maybe because there could be some problems with their phones. (Power Bank Buying Guide)

9) Compatibility:

Before buying a power bank always check the compatibility of the product with your phone. The information regarding the compatibility is generally given behind the box of the product or in the paper provided with the box. Check for the details whether your phone or device is supported by the power bank. If the device is supporting then you can freely buy that power bank.

10) Accessories:

It will be good for you to check the accessories of the power bank. Some of the companies do not provide a charger and cables with the power bank so consider to check it. And many companies provide accessories after charging some more money. So it is up to you whether you need accessories of that particular brand or not. (Power Bank Buying Guide)

11) Frame and casing:

Always buy a good frame or case for your power bank to protect it from dust and water. Without the frame or case, it goes dirty overtime. There are many third-party and small companies which sell good frame and casing for the particular models.

12) Battery type:

One of the most important factor to check before buying a power bank is its battery type. Check the power bank that which battery it provides whether it comes with a lithium-ion battery or a lithium polymer. Generally, lithium-polymer batteries are considered the best because of its durability and longevity. If we talk about the lithium-ion battery, they generally don’t work as good as the lithium-polymer battery. (Power Bank Buying Guide)

Power Bank Buying Guide | 12 things to consider before buying a power bank


So these are the things which you should keep in your mind before buying a power bank. You will get the best power bank if you follow the above-mentioned text. If your budget is lower, then you can compromise with some sort of things. As power banks are coming in different price ranges and it is very tough to get the perfect power bank in the market.

For getting more info related to particular brand product read about its details carefully and also read about the buyer’s reviews and also check out the rating of that particular brand. If the rating and reviews are not good then never buy such power bank as it could have some defect.

What are your views on Power Bank Buying Guide?…Comment in the comment down below.

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